Commercial and industrial facilities, housing estates and car parks often require efficient and secure access control. We offer a wide range of barriers from NICE and DITECT, as well as other manufacturers at the customer’s request, which allows our customers to make the right choice depending on the entrance width, frequency of use and customer expectations. All barriers are equipped with robust gear motors with built-in switchboards with different functions. They can be operated with a switch, by radio or with modern access control systems.

Barriers with a modern design, 24 V or 230 V motors, are suitable for entrances of different widths (from 3 m to 9 m) and for frequent or intense work. They are characterized by an innovative and aesthetic appearance, while the housing is weather resistant. Stainless steel housing is also available. The aluminium arm features rubber profiles, while in case of the 24 V motor barrier, the arm can be lit with diodes. All barriers are easily released with a key and have a rapid closing function. The wide range of accessories on offer allows customers to adjust the device to their individual needs and to operational conditions. The barriers have been tested for over 1,000,000 cycles.